Nickel & Nickel Single-Vineyard Cabernet Futures

2013 Futures Wine Notes

See what characteristics make each futures wine unique

The buzz about the 2013 vintage is that it might be one of the best vintages in the last 20 years. All of our Cabernet vineyards gave us beautiful, balanced crops, yielding dark, rich, wines. They are inky in color and have a delicious fruit expression. Full, round tannins enrich the texture and continue to change and evolve as the wines settle down after fermentation.

Taste slowly and give these wines a good swirl in the glass before you sip, because the extra air will help them open and enhance the aromatics and flavors. We have found that the wines continue to get better and better as they sit in the glass, so a little patience will definitely reap rewards. Enjoy!

Darice Spinelli, Winemaker

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