Nickel & Nickel Single-Vineyard Cabernet Futures

2015 Futures Wine Notes

See what characteristics make each futures wine unique

2015 Futures Barrel Tasting and Futures Offering

Occasionally we encounter a vintage that surprises us — 2015 is definitely one of them.

Although extremely small in quantity, the quality of the 2015 Nickel & Nickel Cabernets is outstanding. The year started off beautifully with warm weather, so we anticipated an early season. A cold spell toward the end of spring set the stage for abnormally low yields. Warm summer days and cool, foggy nights allowed for a smooth ripening period, and the season ended with one of the earliest harvests on record. Production from this vintage was so low that four of these Cabernets – Dragonfly, Element 28, Beatty and Martin Stelling – amount to fewer than 13 barrels each.

These wines express vibrant, youthful fruit flavors with remarkable concentration due to the low yields. Tannins are rich and coating, but the wines are still very young – give your glasses a good swirl to really bring out those vineyard characteristics! At this point, the wines do not have much oak, so explore the fruit flavors as they are. With time in the cellar, you’ll be able to taste how oak adds weight and complexity to the final blend. Keep in mind this is a highly limited vintage; secure your favorites now.

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