A Singular Perspective

A Blog by Nickel & Nickel Winery

I am writing this on the spring equinox, the gateway to a season with rewards of color and fragrance. Mother Nature and Father Time have performed their magic again! With our much needed recent rains and the former months of drier than normal weather, we are set for a spectacular showing of scale and form throughout the winery grounds. The bulbs along Highway 29 are out in force. The Red Emperor (tulip) steals the show, with countless multiplying daffodils flanking the side of the nearly 1200 foot-long bed. Just gearing up, our custom blend of wildflowers covers every square inch of soil along the highway in front of Nickel & Nickel. They are charged with carrying on the show for months to come, in shades of red, yellow and blue. Keep an eye out for the stately Yellow Lupine as it towers over its domain.