2016 Futures Wine Notes

2016 Futures Barrel Tasting and Futures Offering

Occasionally we encounter a vintage that surprises us — 2016 is definitely one of them.

The 2016 growing season gave us another great vintage in Napa Valley, and you are all going to love what we have in the cellar. In fact, you may notice we have two new Single-Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons in barrel this year! The first comes from Kenefick Ranch. We love this warmer northern vineyard, and the idea of adding a Calistoga wine to our portfolio really excited us. The second comes from an Oakville vineyard called Crossroads. We acquired the site several years ago, however, we didn’t see the ripeness we wanted from the original plantings. We replanted the Crossroads Vineyard in 2014, and this is the first vintage from the new vines. This first vintage is tiny—only 175 cases—but it shows the length and supple tannins we have come to expect from Oakville fruit.

Overall, the year offered ideal conditions for near-perfect vine balance and crop load, and we took steps to capture and preserve the pure fruit, ripeness and complexity of the vintage. At this stage, the fruit is a beautiful expression of what you’ll find once it goes into the bottle, however, the tannins are still a bit raw as the wine continues to develop balance.

darice-signatureDarice Spinelli