Vineyards & Maps

Our Napa and Russian River Valley vineyards are the foundations to our single-vineyard wine program. Explore these special sites below.

Upper Napa Valley View Map

Home to our Single-Vineyard Cabernets and one Merlot, the Upper Napa Valley offers a stunning array of soils, microclimates and sun exposures.

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Lower Napa Valley View Map

The southern part of the valley offers cool, foggy mornings and warm afternoons, which is wonderful for Chardonnay. Our Merlot vineyard sits on an elevated sunny patch providing long hang-time and beautiful, richly flavored and textured fruit.

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Russian River Valley View Map

Rolling hills, striking soils and cool mornings and nights are hallmarks of Russian River Valley, where two of our Chardonnays and our Syrah benefit from this special geography and climate.

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